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Project Name

Goren Wheat Installation

Jerusalem Design Week, 2018

Tokyo Design Week, 2019


Jerusalem, Israel

Tokyo, Japan

Collaboration with Arc. Nati Tunkelrot

The installation “Goren” aims to provide a glimpse into the conservation efforts underway to preserve a piece of humanity's DNA - through the case study of the most important agricultural crop in the western world - Wheat. The Middle East, for the last 12,000 years, has been home to thousands of genetically diverse varieties of wheat.  Sadly over the last 100 years this important building block of humanity's history has been driven to the brink of extinction - being replaced by a handful of high yielding and uniform strains.

The art project "Goren" - working with the Weizmann Institute and the Volcani Center in Israel - presents in a high sensory experience a selection of these near extinct wheat varieties.  

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