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Project Name

Gruzenberg 19


Tel Aviv, Israel

Collaboration with Arc. Amir Navon and Racheli Kikoz

Interior designers Rachel Kikoz and Rachel Boxnboim and architect Amir Navon renovated an old Tel Aviv apartment for a client moving from a large house in the country-side to the crowded city. The original layout of the apartment had a long hallway, wasting about 8 sqm of the 45 sqm apartment and dividing the property in to small and dark spaces. The main goal was to create large and roomy spaces with natural light and to maximize the functionality of every space. In order to do so – the entire apartment was striped to the bones and re-build in a flipped order. The living room and kitchen were located right at the entrance with open layout and the bedroom was located next to the large window (originally the balcony). The bathroom is located in the middle with access both from living room and bed-room.


The living area is designed as a loft – kitchen strip, island and lounge space. Surrounding the whole space is a black strip in top and bottom of the walls to create a floating feel of the walls. The original window in the hall has transformed into two narrow windows – bringing in day light.

The main kitchen unit contains full kitchen utilities, a washer and dryer and a service cupboard. The unit goes all the way to the ceiling, taking advantage of that space for extra storage. In-order to make sure this storage area will be accessible – we’ve added a ladder as part of the design.

The kitchen island functions as a dining area and washing space (with both a sink and a dishwasher) on one side and as storage and media space from the other side. Above it we’ve designed a metal floating frame – functioning as a storage and display feature. The same design feature was custom-made in the living room and bedroom as a bookshelf and in the bathroom as a sink unit. 

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